? Be Rich (Mantra of Wealth ?) *VERY POWERFULL*!!! ??????


Manifest an unlimited amount of money in an instant, large sums of money come to you effortlessly, attain complete financial freedom, manifest your ideal luxury lifestyle effortlessly (house, cars, clothes, vacations, etc), any amount of money you spend comes back to you by 1000 fold, always have ample spending/pocket money, bank account never reaches point zero, have multiple sources of high-paying income, income constantly raises higher, both you + your family members + friends have the highest-paying jobs/careers, both you + your family + friends find it easy to find and attain the highest-paying jobs/careers, abundant opportunities are always coming to you + your family + friends for even more money, extremely abundant financial freedom follows into your lineage for the rest of existence, become the best + most knowledgeable at stocks and investments, have the most perfect credit score + tax files, always properly budget + finance with tact and responsibility, become the richest person that all people know, only attract genuine people + friends, always be gifted with money + find large sums of money randomly, perfect financial management skills, remain humble + respectful with money, always remember to be thankful for your fortunes, free of and immune to any forms of financial instability/poverty/debt, any and all forms of money you attain is always legal + safe for use.


— make sure to listen at least once + as many times as you’d like after that! the more you listen, the more effective it is
— you can listen with or without headphones
— all of my subliminals are unisex unless a specific sex is stated otherwise
— there are zero binaural beats and frequencies. this subliminal is completely safe and trustworthy.

— try to listen consistently for at least 2-3 weeks. if you still aren’t noticing results, feel free to change subliminals.
— take breaks as needed. if you are experiencing headaches or motion sickness, chill for 30 minutes to an hour and try again. try to stay hydrated in an effort to prevent motion sickness.
— detach and trust the process. subliminals are a form of manifesting and shifting your reality. you are getting results as you are reading this. YOU have the power, so your results are going to come as quickly or slowly as you want them to. don’t overcomplicate subliminals. all you have to do is listen, trust this tool, and trust yourself. good luck always!


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