How MailMyStatements Transformed Innovare’s Healthcare Printing, Mailing and Payment Processes


Innovare Patient Relationship Management, LLC is a patient revenue cycle management company for healthcare organizations across the county. They handle all the aspects of patient billing, from sending the initial statements to 3rd party collections. At one point, they had 14 facilities across the nation that handled their statement and letter fulfillment needs. That was before they found MailMyStatements. MailMyStatements is a B2B, technology-driven, billing and payments solution for healthcare providers. Providing medical patient billing services, statement printing and mailing services through a user friendly, business focused, HITRUST compliant system, MailMyStatement transformed the way Innovare handled account management without affecting how they interacted with patients. MailMyStatements was able to reduce a process that took Innovare 6 – 8 weeks down to 0. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to Innovare’s experience with MailMyStatements. If you are looking for partnerships for managed printing, mailing and payment services, contact MailMyStatements today or visit our website at

The name of my company is Innovare Patient Relationship Management. What we do is patient revenue cycle management for healthcare organizations across the country. So, we handle all the aspects of patient billing from sending the initial statements all the way through doing 3rd party collections when and if necessary. One of the challenges that we had was to find a vendor and vendor partners across the country that can handle our statement and letter fulfillment needs. We had, I believe at the time, about 14 facilities, um, across about 20 states, and each patient base was unique to the area and region they were in. So in order for us try to mimic that flow and maintain that feel, we were looking for vendor partnerships that would allow us to keep their statement flow, their statement feel, um, but be able to consolidate the accounting and the billing functions into the corporate business offices. That turned out to be extremely challenging. I found MailMyStatements online and Hugh Sullivan, who did our onboarding, was, uh, amazing. Hugh had a quote for me ready in my hand um, that was clear, concise, I was able to accept that offer from them and submit a test file the same day and by the next morning um, that test file had been reviewed, revised and was ready for production. As soon as my files were uploaded, um, within hours I was able to go back into those files, see all of the return addresses, see all of the bad addresses, and did not need someone to hold my hand, I did not have to sit on the phone with customer service and wait for an agent to, to walk me through and explain to me what was going on with my business, I was able to log in myself and I mean this was within minutes, not in days, and all on my own, because their technology is so robust, so service that good um, uh, a-a turnaround time that good, is just unheard of. Our old process used to take six to eight hours a week, um, with MailMyStatements, we’ve reduced that time down to zero. It’s immeasurable, the amount of time that we can now devote to other things that we used to have to invest in this process is, I don’t even know how to to quantify it, I need, I need more time. If you’re looking for a uh, a letter or statement fulfillment vendor that is highly capable um, that has the technology platform that allows you to control and manage your own administrative functions, as far as I am concerned, they’re the best, the best understatement fulfillment vendor that I’ve worked with them in my 14 years.

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